One Backpack for all your City Essentials 

Outfit Credits: 
Shirt: American Eagle/ Jeans: Big Star/ Shoes: Vans/ Backpack: Kenneth Cole/ Sunglasses: Cynthia Rowley/ Bracelet: Giles & Brothers/ Watch: Smile Q&Q

Running around Manhattan can be a real trek, and without the proper carrying essential you’ll pretty much have a horrible time. This is why I always live by a versatile, functional, but above all always cool backpack. Just like this piece that I instantly fell in love with when I received it, it’s small enough that it isn’t so bulky, yet big enough for my laptop, camera, and extra change of clothes. Typically the three essentials I need for running around the city, taking photos, and switching between outfits for blog photos. 

Much as I have been doing recently is running around in preparation for my move to Paris next Thursday. This and finishing up my college career, with graduation this Thursday!! I am sorry that I have been delayed with my updates, but hope to get them back on track by next week. Thank you all for understanding! :)

photographer: Adam

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